As Director for Dara Shikoh Centre for the Arts, Jyoti is an integral part of the social and cultural fabric of the region. She has a PhD in Philosophy from Delhi University, and also serves as the Director of the Amar Mahal Museum and Library in Jammu. At Almond Villa, she pursues her love for pottery and enamel design while dabbling in organising farmers’ markets and tending to her beautiful orchard.


The Director of the Dara Shikoh Fellowship, Anish is currently pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature and Economic History at Columbia University. He is also Senior Editor for the Columbia South Asia Review and heads Voices from the Valley, a multidisciplinary initiative that seeks to globalise conversations around Kashmir. When not settled into an armchair writing essays over cups of hot chocolate, he spends his time horseback riding in the hills.


Priyanka is a fourth year student of Fine Arts at M S University Baroda. As a Dara Shikoh Fellow, she worked on her passion for Urdu poetry by exploring contemporary forms of Islamic manuscripts and miniature paintings. When she's not painting, she can be found rummaging through dustbins for material to work with (much to the embarrassment of her friends), writing poetry, collecting and studying insects or drinking coffee.


A third-year student in the Institute for Comparative Literature & Society at Columbia University, Malvika studies literatures of migration, post-colonialism, and diaspora. As part of the Dara Shikoh Fellowship, she explored questions of dislocation and sites of cultural intersection— delving into how nation-building and story-telling are historically two hands working in tandem.


Kahani is a communication design practice from Mumbai, India. Their work in design and strategy starts conversations, shares ideas and builds meaningful values between institutions, people and communities. They have created the logo for the Dara Shikoh Fellowship - a chinar leaf within a doorway - that symbolises the aspiration of the Fellowship to be a portal to a conversation between cultures.